What is Nutraceutical Business Review?

Nutraceutical Business Review (NBR) is the only B2B platform to report on the full spectrum of business and technology in the nutraceutical industry. An established and respected global platform, NBR provides information through nutraceuticalbusinessreview.com and five print issues a year.

We provide up-to-the-minute developments across all the areas of the functional food and drink supply chain as well as comprehensive technical articles, regulatory updates, market analysis and reviews for those working in the global nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and functional food and drink industries.

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How do we engage with our community?

Nutraceutical Business Review is a multi-channel communication platform that delivers breaking news, new product releases, technical papers, innovative features and reports.

The international coverage and in-depth articles on key topics make it an indispensable read for those working in or around the global functional food and drink market place.

Whether you consume digital and social broadcasts, read online and in print, or attend live and digital events, our channels allow you to safely engage with experts, innovators and fellow professionals.

“NBR invested in Kappa as a start-up, often knowing there was never enough budget to repay the value we received. We had a vision for our ingredient and NBR believed in us. They often helped us unasked, even when we did not always show proper gratitude because we were growing so fast.”
– Egil Greve, CEO
Kappa Bioscience

Meet the team

Ali Badr

Head of Science Publishing and Events

Dr Kevin Robinson


Gill Healy

Account Manager

Sophie Bullimore


Alex McCarthy


Ross Murdoch

Head of Production

Sibylla Duffy

Art Editor

Jodie Rawl

Print & Digital Production Executive

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Jemma Stanworth

Head of Marketing

Natasha Sandamas

Senior Marketing Executive

Jocelyn Broad de Graaf

Marketing Executive

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