Chair for the two-day event

Containment/biosafety cabinet testing

Tim Triggs

TOPIC: Contamination Control

Cleanroom personnel, effective garments and considerations for energy savings

Tim Eaton

TOPIC: People

Contamination control strategy for cleaning and disinfection – A case study

Dr Tim Sandle & Helen Gates

TOPIC: Contamination Control

Air filtration systems

Alan Sweeney


Modern hospital pharmacy – designing, building and equipping in accordance to Pharmacopoeia, GMP and ISO 14644 standards

Patrycja Sitek

TOPIC: Design & Build

Contamination control strategy for cleaning and disinfection – A case study

Helen Gates

TOPIC: Contamination Control

Implementing dynamic cleanroom controls to create energy efficient cleanrooms

Keith Beattie & David Mitchell (Cambridge Pharma)

TOPIC: Energy

Cleanroom Monitoring

Les Dodd

TOPIC: Monitoring

Reducing risk with new surface cleaning programs

Ying Zhang

TOPIC: Consumables

Innovative facility options in an era of urgent capacity needs

Martin Birch

TOPIC: Design & Build

Cleanroom differential pressure cascade control as part of a contamination control strategy in meeting Annex 1

Frans Saurwalt


Sampling procedures and bending effect on cleanroom monitoring and classification with particle counters

Hasim Solmaz

TOPIC: Testing

Annex 1 and its impacts on innovation and new technology adoption?

Edward Webber

TOPIC: Microbiology

Changes to regulations for ultraviolet light systems and automated fogging devices

Peter Thistlethwaite

TOPIC: Regulations; decontamination; disinfection

Data integrity for environmental monitoring in cleanrooms

Toon Lambrechts


Key Aspects to fulfilling data integrity requirements to environmental monitoring

Peter Penn


A roadmap to developing an effective bioburden control process in pass thru and BSC decon applications

Jim Polarine

TOPIC: BioSafety

Sterilization Program: Part of the Contamination Control Strategy

Walid El Azab

TOPIC: Contamination Control

Aligning cleanroom commissioning and certification with Annex 15 qualification and validation

Conor Murray

TOPIC: Commissioning

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