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Cleanroom Technology

Why Cleanroom Technology?

Your subscription will bring you the latest industry and product news, updates on regulation and standards, technical articles and design and material innovations monthly. Sectors covered include pharmaceutical, healthcare, automotive, food, containment, cleaning and space technology.

All subscribers will benefit from:

  • 12 monthly editions of Cleanroom Technology magazine
  • Up-to-the-minute developments across all areas of the controlled environments
  • Comprehensive technical articles, market analysis and insights
  • Keep up-to-date with the global cleanroom and contamination control market place.
  • Access to cutting-edge content and features


  • 1 year 177 GBP | 212 EURO | 266 USD

  • 2 years 266 GBP | 319 EURO | 398 USD
  • “The publication is very informative about developments within the industry by focusing on changes within regulations and showcasing new technologies and advancements in manufacturing, testing and compliance. The excellent content really does give the reader an invaluable insight into the world of cleanrooms.” - Cherwell Labs

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