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Create and edit your award entries (£99.00 GBP + VAT per entry)

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  2. Select your category from the drop down list
  3. Use the form to enter a new award and details
  4. Title should include the name of your brand/company and product or project
  5. You should include details of any and all stakeholders for a project where applicable. These do not count towards your 500 words.
  6. You can upload image files and pdf documents to support your application (a maximum of 9 documents will be accepted for review); including statements, drawings, patient feedback and testimonials. These do not count towards your 500 words.
  7. You may return to edit your entry up until the closing date using your email and customer number to login.
  8. Entry deadline: 12 July 2024

The judges must be allowed reasonable access to people or documents to make enquiries during the judging process. The judge's decision is final and binding. As part of the terms of entering you grant HPCi Media Limited permission to reproduce written material and images submitted by you to promote these or subsequent awards events. Please keep your submission to under 500 words

The judges are on the lookout for projects, large and small, that demonstrate a measurable positive impact on the overall experience of patients, staff, and visitors within a healthcare environment.

Entries must be paid for in full in order to have the judges review them. We recommend paying via credit card to avoid disappointment.

IMPORTANT: To view or edit your entry, you will need a password, which is your customer number. You can find it on your invoice.

If you need help with your entry or have any questions, please email Lizzy at

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