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Sun Care in a Heating World - AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

Original webinar date: 4 April 2024
Duration: 59 minutes approx.

2023 was the hottest year since records began. So what does that mean for those of us manufacturing sun care? Do we need to focus on formulating high SPF and UVA protection products? Should everyday products like day cream and make-up contain SPF? Do we need sweat resistance as standard as the world gets warmer? All of these questions are coming amid regulatory change surrounding UV filters' safety to the environment and people, which is reducing scientists' sun safety palette. So what tools does the industry need in order to respond to these parallel challenges? Join Cosmetics Business' panel of experts as they get to grips with sun care in 2024.


Moderator: Julia Wray, Head of Editorial, Cosmetics Business

Speaker one: BASF

Speaker two: Symrise

Speaker three: Eurofins CRL


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