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A powerful cardiovascular combination

One newly recognised cardiovascular risk marker is atherosclerosis, where calcium-laden plaque builds up inside the arteries. Over time, arteries harden and narrow, limiting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to organs and other parts of the body.

What if a vitamin is the only compound known today to impact this calcification? Would it not be worth considering this vitamin for a heart-support formula, especially considering that science confirms it could impede and reverse this process? That is where we are with Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 as MK-7 is the only compound – nutraceutical or pharmaceutical – shown to inhibit arterial calcification, making it an essential component for heart-support formulas.

Now consider that Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) – with qualified health claims in the United States and four EFSA claims – is one of the most recognized and accepted ingredients for cardiovascular health. Yet, the one place where Omega-3s fall short is addressing arterial calcification.

What if brand owners could build on the already credible and substantial success of Omega-3 by pairing it Vitamin K2 as MK-7, providing a complete heart-smart formula that also offers bone-health support?

NattoPharma – Gnosis by Lesaffre has driven the research to confirm the safe and efficacious benefits of Vitamin K2, providing MenaQ7® as the source material for these groundbreaking studies. The company continues to cultivate a clearer understanding of Vitamin K2's impact on human health, offering a data sheet highlighting the potential of combining K2 and Omega-3.

NattoPharma – Gnosis by Lesaffre invites you to download this new data sheet and consider for yourself if this could be the future of cardiovascular health.

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