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Manufacturing Chemist Roundtables - Oral Dosage Manufacturing - WATCH ON DEMAND

Original webinar date: Tuesday, 5 March, 2024
Duration: 60 minutes approx.

The first episode in the Manufacturing Chemist Roundtable series features a panel of experts offering their insight into ORAL DOSAGE MANUFACTURING along with a webcam Q&A.

Moderator: Brian Lubieniecki-Heyburn, Manufacturing Chemist

Introduction to the event - Q&A moderation

Speaker one: Tom Hegarty, Head of Technical Operations for ALMAC

Presentation title: The 6Ps of Pharmaceutical Development and Commercial Supply

Tom, with 25+ years in pharmaceuticals, specialises in formulation development, technical support, and strategic investments across multinational and regional companies, serving as both an outsourcing client and a Contract Development and Manufacturing Organisation member.

Speaker two: Imran Haneef, Business Development Manager for COPLEY

Presentation title: A Quick Guide to Oral Solid Dosage Testing

Imran, a QbD expert, specialises in testing various pharmaceutical dosage forms with a focus on quality assurance. His commitment lies in providing cutting-edge solutions to navigate the industry's complexities.

Speaker three: Steven Facer, Vice President of Business Development EU/ROW for ADARE

Presentation title: Oral Solid Dose Manufacturing for Pediatrics and Other Special Patient Populations

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