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Discover Noochy Crisp™, the future of nutritional yeast

Noochy Crisp™ is the first crispy nutritional yeast. Thanks to its nutritional profile full of nutrients, it is an ally for everyday life. Indeed, Noochy Crisp™ is source of zinc, a mineral well-known for its benefits on immunity. Some fibers including ß-glucans are also present in this nutritional yeast. Noochy Crisp™ provides some proteins, important for the development and the maintenance of muscle mass. With 30g per day, Noochy Crisp™ is eligible to European claim on immunity.

Noochy Crisp™ is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Thanks to its nutritional profile Noochy Crisp™ is a crunchy alternative for vegans and vegetarians. Thanks to the enjoyable crispy texture, Noochy Crisp™ is the solution for health meals and snacks. Our nutritional yeast can be spread on salads and soups as a healthy crouton. Noochy Crisp™ can be incorporated in sweet preparations such as muesli or granola. During a healthy aperitif, Noochy Crisp™ mixed with vegetables is the perfect solution. Noochy Crisp™ can also be used as an ingredient for health bars to improve their nutritional aspect.

The innovative Noochy Crisp™ was validated by consumers as it was awarded as best tasting functional food during Vitafoods Europe 2021.

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