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Achieving Priorities & Driving Collaboration

The Future of Independent Healthcare Estates - NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

Original webinar date: Thursday 16 May, 2024
Duration: 58 mins

Collaboration plays a pivotal role in delivering care. This is particularly clear in the relationship between independent healthcare providers and the NHS, with providers supporting NHS performance priorities, working through extensive care waiting lists. While collaboration is a core priority for healthcare providers, the upkeep and refurbishment of estates and facilities at private hospitals and centres are not to be neglected. Private hospital admissions are on the rise across all nations, led by an increase in diagnostic procedures; therefore, having modern and fit-for-purpose environments will ensure that exceptional patient care is continually delivered.  The developing situation presents an opportunity to explore the best use of resource, solutions, and the adaptability of buildings for the future of the independent estate.  Building Better Healthcare and Darwin Group are pleased to collaborate on this webinar, hosting speakers from across the health and care space to discuss the priorities and key themes across the independent care Estates landscape.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • The independent priorities for NHS estate collaboration
  • The benefits of selecting less-permanent adaptable solutions 
  • The flexibilities and available options when selecting new buildings

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  • Andy Howlett
  • Director of Strategy - CDCs
  • InHealth
  • Andy has over 20 years of operational management experience within Acute NHS provider organisations at senior level. Andy led the delivery of the Richards’ Review Diagnostics: Recovery & Renewal recommendations including the establishment of the NHS Community Diagnostic Centre Programme, investing in 160 CDCs across England. Andy joined InHealth Group in March 2022 to lead a rapid expansion of Community Diagnostic Centres in partnership with the NHS and is InHealth’s lead for health policy.

  • Helen Buckingham
  • Independent Consultant
  • Helen Buckingham is a prominent figure in the field of healthcare strategy and policy, most recently having served as the Director of Strategy at the Nuffield Trust for 7 years. With a career spanning over three decades, she is recognised as an expert in healthcare management, policy analysis, and strategic planning. Throughout her career, Helen has held a range of positions that have given her deep experience of healthcare strategy and policy development, and of implementation and change management. Prior to joining the Nuffield Trust, she worked at Board level in the NHS for 15 years followed by 5 years in senior executive roles at Monitor and NHS Improvement. With her passion for improving healthcare quality and access, Helen continues to be a driving force in shaping the future of healthcare. Her dedication, expertise, and strategic vision make her a respected figure in the field, and her contributions are invaluable in navigating the complex landscape of healthcare in the United Kingdom and beyond.

  • Danielle Henry
  • Assistant Director, Policy and Programmes
  • Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN)
  • Danielle has been with IHPN since 2019 and is responsible for our primary, community and diagnostic policy work as well as leading on IHPN’s net zero work programme. In addition, she is responsible for ensuring effective delivery of IHPN’s project work. Immediately prior to IHPN, Danielle worked in the chief executive’s team in local government focused on policy and strategy, and before that leading large operational and project management teams in the private sector.

  • Tony Nagra
  • Partnerships Director
  • Darwin Group
  • With more than a decade of expertise advising the private healthcare sector on strategy and organisation, Tony joined Darwin Group in 2022 as Director of Business Development. In October 2023, he became Darwin Group's Director of Partnerships, working closely with our colleagues across private and independent healthcare provisions to support them in achieving care priorities.

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