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The Growth of Premium in Nutritional Supplements

  • Original Webcast Date: 27th September 2021

In recent years, the supplement market has seen strong growth in premium products that are high quality with ingredients backed by science. Looking forward, a critical question many ask is ‘Where will growth come from after the pandemic?’

Join us in the webinar as we discuss the market trends that highlight what segments are likely to benefit from sustained appeal in the coming years. We will also highlight several new advanced delivery technologies that can help differentiate your premium supplement as you look to continue your brand’s growth.


  • Claire Morton
  • Senior Industry Analyst
  • Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ)

Claire is the Senior Industry Analyst for Nutrition Business Journal (NBJ) where she manages comprehensive market data strategy for the business intelligence publication covering the $219 billion-dollar natural and organic products industry, including food and beverage, dietary supplements and personal care products. Claire has expert knowledge of trends and market research, and she presents often at conferences and webinars. She also manages all data visualization and presentations for NBJ business intelligence reports and often writes data analysis commentary on nutrition industry trends for NBJ and New Hope Network. Claire earned her MBA from the University of Minnesota and she has a degree in food science and human nutrition from Colorado State University.

  • Ruben Valentin
  • Regional Sales Director, Consumer Health
  • Catalent

Ruben is a sales and marketing professional with over 10 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry. He began his career in sales in Europe, progressing from different sales and marketing roles to managerial positions, developing new markets, leading teams and establishing international customer collaborations. He spent the last 7 years working in the omega-3 industry, providing plant-based solutions to multinational brands and CMO companies. He graduated law school from Autonomous University of Madrid and attended several business programs at ESADE and Harvard. Ruben resides in Washington, DC.


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