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Cosmetics Business

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  • Leading cosmetics and personal care brands rely on Cosmetics Business, why not you?
  • We can help you navigate your next move within the industry
  • Access to all premium gated content on CosmeticsBusiness.com
  • Monthly Cosmetics Business magazine (print and digital)
  • Monthly Trend Report (print and digital)
  • Breaking news alerts!

What to expect from CB magazine...

  • Breaking news-led features and technical papers
  • Monthly eco-report, educational ‘what is?’ articles and a ‘how to’ formulation guide
  • The biggest business, science and supply news stories of the month

What to expect from the Trend Report...

  • Each month focuses on a key trend with an in-depth, report with unique expert insight and analysis
  • Each year there are core categories: skin care, fragrance and colour cosmetics
  • Other issues are trend based, e.g. Gen Z beauty, eco-packaging and beauty supplements

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