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Skin care trends for 2024 - NOW AVAILABLE ON DEMAND

Original webinar date: 12 December 2023
Duration: 75 minutes approx.

The fourth edition of the CB Roundtables series focuses on skin care trends for the year ahead. Hear from a selection of incredible speakers that will increase your knowledge base and provide invaluable insight into what to expect in the world of skin care for 2024.



Julia Wray, Editor, Cosmetics Business


The Chemyunion Group has been combining nature and science to promote health, beauty, and well-being since 1992. We manufacture cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceutical excipients, food supplements, veterinary hygiene and beauty, and cleaning active ingredients.


Clariant provides innovative and sustainable personal care ingredients and trend-based inspirations of premium cosmetic formulations to support hair & skin care globally, as well as specific solutions for applications such as men’s care, teenage or baby care, wet wipes, colour cosmetics, hair styling, and sun protection.

DTS Europe

DTS Europe offers mono-material airless packaging that combines sustainability, technology and elegance. Using sustainable packaging with the option to be carbon negative, client products will be part of an innovative new generation of sustainability, contributing directly to the circular economy.


Givaudan Active Beauty crafts avant-garde cosmetic actives and high-end specialties that make people look and feel good. We bring nature’s most precious gifts to the art of personal care in the form of biotech and botanical high-performing molecules, delighting consumers.

Hallstar Beauty

Hallstar has ingredients and formulations that address the myriad of consumer concerns related to the two main layers of skin: the epidermis (outside) and the dermis (inside). Hallstar offers a wide spectrum of market-ready ingredients.


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