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Predicting The Future Of Skincare-Infused Cosmetics

Webinar date: 17 November 2022
Time: 16:00 GMT / 11:00 EST / 08:00 PST
Duration: 45 minutes

Cosmetics products are crossing categories, adopting skincare ingredients and benefits to satisfy increasingly demanding customers.

But how can brands best activate the multifunctional trend? Which products, ingredients and claims are consumers looking for? How can cosmetics brands innovate and win in this space in 2023 and beyond?

We answer these questions and more by using AI to understand what millions of consumers are talking about online and predict which trends will grow with an 89% accuracy.

Join the session to learn why leading cosmetics brands, from Coty to Cosnova, trust Black Swan to fuel successful innovation.


  • Camilla Carson
  • Executive Director
  • Black Swan
  • Gianna Tomassi
  • Associate Director
  • Black Swan

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