Manufacturing Chemist Live

Optimising the formulation of orodispersible minitablets for paediatric/geriatric use with isomalt

Dr Michael Black

TOPIC: Raw materials/excipients, patient centricity, manufacturing

Converting innovation into real products with win-win industry partnerships

Andrea Sentimenti

TOPIC: Primary packaging

To overcome challenges during solubility enhancement for poorly soluble drugs

Shilpa Mistry

TOPIC: Solubility Issues

On-dose authentication technology: Deterring counterfeiters and improving patient engagement

Dr Ali Rajab-Siahboomi

TOPIC: Anti-counterfeiting, patient centricity, tablet coating

A quick guide to dry powder inhaler (DPI) testing

Anna Sipitanou

TOPIC: Powder handling, formulation

In-particle design® – mSAS® applications for the accelerated development of optimised therapeutics

Paul Thorning

TOPIC: Process optimisation, excipients, manufacturing

From idea to injection: The importance of automation in biomanufacturing solutions

George White

TOPIC: Technology, process optimisation, automation

Continuous solid oral dose manufacturing challenges: An excipient manufacturer’s viewpoint

Sara Fathollahi

TOPIC: Continuous Manufacturing

Enabling the Manufacture of Next-Generation ImplaVax®-Enabled Solid Dose Vaccines

David Hipkiss

TOPIC: Keynote

Innovation in medicine: patient, heal thyself!

Tal Golesworthy

TOPIC: Patient engagement, case study

Investigating the influence of powder flow properties on DPI dosator performance

Jamie Clayton

TOPIC: Technology, process optimisation, excipients, quality control

Transforming the oral solid dosage forms of tomorrow with a continuous powder to coated tablet process: A live demonstration

Dr James Holman

TOPIC: Keynote

User-friendly oral dosage forms for successful drug delivery

Dr Martin Koeberle

TOPIC: Patient-centricity, compliance, formulation

Why digitising your artwork and labelling processes is the secret ingredient to cost and risk management in successful drug delivery

Gurdip Singh

TOPIC: Packaging/labelling, compliance

From preformulation to the clinic: Understanding the drug and mitigating the risk

Florencia Guidali

TOPIC: Topicals, parenterals

Controlled crystallisation of API materials

Dr Matthew Bennett

TOPIC: Particle design, crystallography

Moderator for the two days

Siegfried Schmitt

Capsule oral dosage form: providing benefits throughout the entire drug product lifecycle

Mahmoud Farag

TOPIC:Capsules, OSD

Accelerating development through integrated drug substance & drug product strategies

Andy Lewis

TOPIC: Drug development

The ins and outs of syringe inspection

Veronica Ghidotti

TOPIC: Primary packaging

ChemoSeed: An innovative approach to drug delivery

Prof Chris McConville

TOPIC: Drug development

Enabling the manufacture of next-generation ImplaVax®-enabled solid dose vaccines

Tom French & David Hipkiss

TOPIC: Keynote