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Aprinnova LinkedIn

Aprinnova is a leading manufacturer of sugarcane-derived ingredients, Squalane and Hemisqualane, now paving the way for clean and non-toxic cosmetics around the globe. ​As a joint venture between Amyris Inc. and Nikkol Group, Aprinnova leverages cutting edge biotechnology manufacturing capability and 70 years of cosmetic industry expertise to deliver a new standard that makes sustainability a competitive advantage.

Stand A8

Ayton Global Research LinkedIn

Ayton Global Research are passionate about global advertising regulations and product compliance to ensure that our clients can legally use our consumer research data to advertise their products in their chosen markets. With over 5,000 studies on record, their industry knowledge is essential for companies that are seeking a reliable testing house.

Stand A7

CPL Aromas LinkedIn

CPL Aromas is the largest fragrance-only fragrance house in the world, home to some of the world’s leading perfumers and trusted by the world’s top brands to translate their creative vision into the finest fragrances available

Stand A10

Dash Hudson LinkedIn

The world’s most important companies use Dash Hudson to create and share photos and videos that people care about. Brands like Sephora, Cult Beauty, Crabtree & Evelyn, and LANEIGE use Dash Hudson daily to make every interaction on social meaningful.

Their visual marketing software surfaces actionable insights for Instagram and Pinterest that work in tandem with a fully integrated media library and multi-channel scheduler. They take it to the next level with AI tools that will help you make better decisions, faster.

Stand A5

Decernis LinkedIn

Decernis allows you to track substance of concern, conduct trend analysis, issue management, regulations, and manage compliance.

Stand B6

EcoMundo LinkedIn

EcoMundo is expert in toxicology & eco-toxicology as well as the international regulations of cosmetic products. Our strength lies within the combination of three areas: Chemicals/Toxicology, International regulations, and Software development. COSMETIC Factory, our software solution, enables you to get full support in all steps of cosmetic product creation..

Stand C1

Epic Print LinkedIn

Established in 1991 Epic Print continues to thrive from their Dorset (UK) based factory and office providing premium printed products to a wide range of customers. Whether they are supporting a large corporate or an individual Epic Print aim to provide an engaging and dynamic service.

The company invests in innovative technology to ensure its customers benefit from the best the industry has to offer. Technology that reduces waste, improves efficiency and provides an enhanced printed product is at the heart of our investment strategy.

Stand A2

Intertek LinkedIn

Intertek deliver Total Quality Assurance expertise 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with their industry-winning processes and customer-centric culture. Whether a business is local or global, Intertek can help to ensure that their client’s products meet quality, health, environmental, safety, and social accountability standards for virtually any market around the world. They hold extensive global accreditations, recognitions, and agreements, and their knowledge of and expertise in overcoming regulatory, market, and supply chain hurdles is unrivalled.

Stand B8

Ithos LinkedIn

Ithos Global is an IT organization with extensive knowledge of compliance for the cosmetic and nutrition industries, providing companies with the ability to search through regulations, generate compliance reports, access and organize supplier documentation and information, visualize work-flows, and more so that they can expand into new and existing markets, all while ensuring compliance

Stand A11

Merck KGaA LinkedIn

Merck, the vibrant science and technology company, operates across healthcare, life science and performance materials. The Life Science business offers products throughout the cosmetic product development workflow. Learn more about our aroma chemicals, water purification systems, artificial skin membrane and our suite of analytical products from sample prep to calibration.

Stand C10

Mibelle Group Biochemistry LinkedIn

Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland designs and develops novel, high-quality actives for the beauty industry based on naturally derived compounds and profound scientific know-how.

Their customers – cosmetic manufacturers, brand owners and cosmetic brands – require an excellent quality standard, reliability and flexibility, individual problem-solving capabilities, short lines of communication, cutting edge technology and science, outstanding new ideas and the continual pursuit of perfection. In summary: Swiss quality and Swiss innovation.

Listening to consumers worldwide and getting to know and anticipate their needs is key to their work. Valuable marketing and communication tools, client-specific concepts and more than 25 years of expertise are the qualities that we can provide to you.

Stand D9

MSL LinkedIn

MSL Solution Providers is a specialist in the microbiological testing and regulatory compliance of cosmetics and personal care products, with a customer base spanning five continents that includes raw material suppliers, manufacturers and brand owners.

As well as laboratory testing, MSL also provides a host of other linked disciplines including claims substantiation, auditing, consultancy and user trials. Their expertise includes disinfectant testing and claim support for the BPR and uniquely their EU & UK Regulatory services are ISO9001 accredited as well as being insurance backed. It holds UKAS Accreditation No 4045.

Stand B9

Neopac LinkedIn

Packaging in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and dental industries must satisfy the most stringent of requirements in terms of hygiene and safety as well as aesthetics plus ease of use. Neopac is a leading packaging manufacturer of Polyfoil®, PE, and COEX tubes for 1 – 300 ml capacities with production sites in Switzerland and Hungary.

Stand A1

The Red Tree LinkedIn

The Red Tree is the UK’s leading international beauty brand consultancy and a powerhouse of ideas, insight and inspiration. With a high level of beauty experience and a global client list of major corporates, private equity houses and well‑funded start‑ups, The Red Tree is the go‑to‑company for vision, strategy, action and implementation.

Stand B7

Siltech LinkedIn

Siltech develops, manufactures and markets a full line of organo-functional silicone compounds and related specialties for specific customer applications, using our patented as well as proprietary technology.

Stand A9

UPM Raflatac LinkedIn

UPM Raflatac is leading in sustainable labelling through their innovative self-adhesive label materials and services. They offer high-quality paper and film label stock for branding and promotion, informational labels, and labels with functionality. They operate a global network of factories, distribution terminals and sales offices. UPM Raflatac is part of UPM.

Stand B1

XCellR8 LinkedIn

A world leader in non-animal testing, XCellR8 is a GLP-accredited laboratory exclusively devoted to animal-free safety and efficacy tests for cosmetics, personal care and chemical industries.

Stand B10