AGMA LinkedIn

As trusted partners with over 310 customers across 34 countries, AGMAs’ chemical solutions have helped businesses across a range of sectors achieve their regulatory and operational goals for over 50 years. Their reputable and fully certified products have professional uses across a range of sectors, from Cleanroom Sanitisation and Environmental Hygiene to Industrial Cleaning, Corrosion Prevention and Detection. With half a century of experience, a team of in-house specialists, and exceptional level of customer service, they are trusted by global industry leaders to provide competitively priced solutions that are of impeccable quality and fully compliant with governing regulations.

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Air Techniques International LinkedIn

For more than 50 years, Air Techniques International has defined the market in the measurement and detection of airborne particulate hazards and contaminants. ATI’s workforce is comprised of a dedicated team of individuals committed to developing cutting-edge air characterization technologies; manufacturing reliable products used around the world in industries such as biosafety, cleanroom certification, flat sheet media, pharmaceutical production, and military applications.

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B Braun LinkedIn

In 2021 B.Braun launched B.Braun Aseptic Consulting Services, continuing B.Braun’s proud tradition of ‘Sharing Expertise’ and our company values of ‘Innovation’, ‘Efficiency’ and ‘Sustainability’. Our vision is to be a consultancy that is market leading in advising and partnering both public and private enterprises in building and developing their Aseptic compounding capabilities.

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BES LinkedIn

BES Ltd is a multidisciplinary design, engineering and construction specialist serving the pharmaceutical, life sciences and advanced technology industries. As design led construction experts, our in-house resource spans across all disciplines including architectural, mechanical, electrical and process engineering. We provide fully integrated solutions to the highest standards of quality and stringent regulatory compliance. Our projects range from laboratories and cleanrooms of all classifications to the most complex pioneering pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities. BES has experienced team of 150 talented professionals. Our specialist services comprise front end consultancy and site/facility planning, and all aspects of design; we also offer comprehensive range of construction services from new build, refurbishments, conversions to fit outs, project management, commissioning and validation support.

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Castium LinkedIn

Castium’s reputation as decontamination experts has been built through the provision of high-class decontamination services for many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, research facilities and pioneering academic organisations in addressing many contaminations.

Castium operates in various containment facilities, including specialist laboratory environments in addressing numerous chemical hazards. This work led Castium to become the supplier of choice for work within cytotoxic and penicillin facilities.

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Clean Hands Technologies LinkedIn

Protecting Lives & Livelihoods™ The CleanTech® touch-free handwashing technology is the world’s only fully automated soap &
water handwashing system, and is clinically proven to remove 99.9% of pathogens for the user in just 12 seconds.
CleanTech® is ideal for infection prevention and control in cleanroom, healthcare, food and care home settings.

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Crowthorne Hi-Tech Services LinkedIn

Crowthorne group is the largest independent supplier of clean air and containment services in the UK and Ireland. Providing validation, maintenance, and spare parts to the whole of the UK and Europe, and in addition supporting customers in Asia and the Middle East.

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Cherwell LinkedIn

Cherwell Laboratories offers a fully integrated range of high quality products for environmental monitoring, operator validation and validation of sterilisation processes. Their products are suitable for a variety of healthcare, pharmaceutical and industrial applications and include Redipor® prepared media, Cherwell own comprehensive range of prepared microbiological media. Alongside Redipor Prepared Media, Cherwell are also UK distributors for a range of SAS microbiological air samplers for environmental monitoring.

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Connect 2 Cleanrooms LinkedIn

Connect 2 Cleanrooms is an integrated cleanroom solutions provider. Since 2002, the company has become a trusted partner to over 6000+ clients worldwide. Its range of cleanroom solutions delivers functional performance that meets precise requirements. Connect 2 Cleanrooms also provides cleanroom validation and cleanroom training services. Its consumables division,, supplies a full portfolio of consumables, equipment and furniture to the cleanroom industry worldwide.

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DST Humidity Control LinkedIn

DST, the first company to develop silica gel rotors, are positioned as world leaders in industrial desiccant dehumidification systems and, within the UK market, have over 45 years of experience of designing and manufacturing industrial desiccant dehumidifiers and bespoke dehumidification systems.

Humidity control, within the cleanroom environment, is increasingly important as we become more aware of processing and production needs with regards to moisture control. At the heart of the cleanroom industry is pharmaceuticals which in turn has its own needs and expectations of moisture control due to the hydroscopic nature of the product it handles. As this industry has grown, so too has the diverse and ever-evolving methods of drug manufacture and packaging and DST have consistently challenged ourselves to not only meet our customers’ needs for moisture control, but also be innovative enough to be market leaders within our industry.

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Dynaco LinkedIn

Dynaco high speed roll up doors enable energy and cost savings as well as optimised traffic flows. The D-313 Cleanroom Door is ISO CLASS 6 certified with a speed up to 2.7m/s. Connect to the internet with the Dynalogic 5 smart controller.

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EECO2 LinkedIn

EECO2 is trusted by the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to design and implement carbon
and cost reduction strategies while maintaining or improving quality and compliance.
As life science energy efficiency specialists, they work closely with their clients to help them achieve
their sustainability goals. From global net zero initiatives to site or system level implementation,
EECO2 has a wealth of experience in the strategic and practical measures required to effect
impressive, quantifiable results through energy efficiency.

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Efaflex LinkedIn

Global pioneers with innovation at our core. Established for nearly 50 years, EFAFLEX are the only company worldwide that specialise in the design, manufacture, installation, and maintenance of high-speed doors.

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EMS LinkedIn

EMS are a leader in the cleanroom business providing clients with a complete cleanroom performance testing service.
EMS offer clients complete cleanroom monitoring solutions ensuring quality by design from inception to implementation. Their calibration laboratories are regularly audited by Particle Measuring Systems Inc, the established global leader in microcontamination monitoring.

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FG Clean Wipes LinkedIn

For nearly 50 years, FG Clean Wipes has helped diverse customers maintain pristine working environments with our specialised wiping materials.

Today, FG Clean Wipes’ time-tested manufacturing quality supports critical environments better than ever before. Every process is important, and for the customer, every environment is critical. FG Clean Wipes’ innovative clean wipes and contamination control products enhance operations, improve end products, and protect customers’ bottom lines.v

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Gekatex Group LinkedIn

Gekatex and its subsidiaries develop, manufacture and distribute technical wiping, cleanroom wiping, polishing solution and robot covers for Automotive OEM, Aeronautic, Electronics, Pharmaceutical and life science industries.

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IWT LinkedIn

IWT offers a complete range of cleaning solutions for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic markets and related industries.

For more than 25 years IWT (part of the Tecniplast Group), has specialised in the design, development, manufacture and installation of outstanding washing solutions.

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Kemtile LinkedIn

Since becoming a Stonhard company three years ago, Kemtile has worked alongside its Stonhard partner to align and share experiences and contacts to provide its customers with a ‘single-source’ service, as well as providing a wider choice of hard-wearing, hygienic and easy to clean resin-based flooring solutions.

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Lift Safe LinkedIn

Specialists in materials handling equipment, Lift Safe believe they have the most comprehensive, reliable and highest quality range on the market.

Their range includes: Lift and Drive ergonomic work positioners, stainless steel lifters for the food and pharmaceutical sector, scissor tables, ATEX rated lifters and roll handlers to name a few.

Lift Safe equipment is designed to help companies comply with the current manual handling and health and safety regulations. With staff willing and able to help with customer needs and requirements, Lift Safe provide a fast and reliable solution to all handling requirements.

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Mölnlycke LinkedIn

Mölnlycke is a world-leading medical solutions company. Mölnlyckes’ services are there to advance performance in healthcare across the world, and aspire to equip everybody in healthcare with solutions to achieve the best outcomes. They collaborate with customers to understand their needs. Mölnlycke design and supply medical solutions to enhance performance at every point of care – from the operating room to the home.

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MTX Contracts LinkedIn

MTX is a privately owned construction and engineering company. They deliver fast-track bespoke healthcare buildings and facilities to the UK’s public and private sectors, consistently promoting innovation and sustainable construction.
Using Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) MTX can minimise the time spent on site, resulting in less noise and disruption, whilst still delivering a high quality, energy efficient solution.

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Norwood LinkedIn

Norwood is a leading UK modular cleanroom systems provider, specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke demountable steel and glass partitions, doors, ceilings and associated accessories within pharmaceutical, healthcare, electronics and advanced manufacturing environments. With their fully integrated design, production and construction team deliver innovative and performance-driven products, tailored to the specific needs of each client. Working across the country and internationally, Norwood offers services to architects, appointed contractors and end-users. Adopting a proactive and flexible approach to design, they can incorporate environmental factors, security, fire protection and utilities into every partition solution.

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Novatek LinkedIn

Novatek International’s mission is to produce regulatory compliant software solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotech and other health-care industries. Our goal is to improve patient safety by producing solutions that reduce the risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacturing and contribute to product quality.

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NPC LinkedIn

NPC Limited provides both services and products to the Pharmaceutical Industry with particular emphasis on environmental monitoring. Professional Training Services in performance and techniques. Our product portfolio includes Prepared Culture Media from PMM and QC Microorganisms from ielab. They also offer a unique Environmental Monitoring software solution, SherpaPharma, a totally paperless system designed with the Microbiologist needs in mind.

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Opek LinkedIn

Opek Limited are dedicated to customer experience, giving our clients a professional service, and building a positive working relationship.

With our extensive experience in the Cleanroom HVAC (ISO14644) and environmental control You can expect every touchpoint and interaction with the Opek team to reflect our promise of honesty, integrity, professionalism, and trust.

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Pharmagraph LinkedIn

Pharmagraph was formed specifically to meet the needs of clients seeking GMP/GAMP compliant solutions for their facility and environmental monitoring requirements, whether in small hospital pharmacies or pharmaceutical production facilities.
Monitoring non-viable and viable particle counts, differential pressure, temperature, relative humidity and air flow, our systems deliver accurate, clear and secure results. From supply of sensors, through to installation, system qualification, training and calibration, Pharmagraph work with you at every stage to ensure that systems are delivered on time and to specification.

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PMT LinkedIn

PMT (GB) Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 quality led company and is a UKAS ISO17025 Accredited Calibration Laboratory (0829) for Particle Counter Calibration and Air Sampler calibration.

PMT are dedicated to the provision and service of Particle Counters, Facility Monitoring Systems, Microbial Air Samplers, Real Time Monitoring and Ionisation equipment.

The instruments they supply are used for particle counting, microbial air sampling, compressed gas sampling, ESD elimination, cleanroom monitoring, viable particle counting as well as other contamination control process’s.

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SGS GAS Analysis Services LinkedIn

Gas Analysis Services supply gas analytical products and services to all sectors of industry. With their knowledge and experience gained over 30 years, Gas Analysis Services are best placed to help our customers achieve their gas analytical requirements.
With extensive experience in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Industrial Gas, Semi-Conductor and Brewing industries Gas Analysis Services provide all services to the highest standard.

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Reading Scientific Services Ltd LinkedIn

Reading Scientific Services Ltd. is a British company providing scientific analysis, consultancy, product development and training to the global food, drink, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors.

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SGL Southern Group Laboratory LinkedIn

Established over 95 years ago within the UK National Health Service and trading as a private limited company for the past 30 years, SOUTHERN GROUP LABORATORY (SGL) is an independent media manufacturer that offers an extensive range of pre-prepared bottled media, plated media, stains and reagents for all microbiology applications.

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STERIS Life Sciences is your trusted partner in contamination control. For more than 100 years, STERIS has been a global leader and expert in sterilization, cleaning and decontamination.

Today, STERIS continue to build on this heritage by providing the products and resources you need throughout your process. With innovation that drives results, their comprehensive portfolio of products and services is designed to meet your needs.

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Teknomek LinkedIn

Teknomek offer an exhaustive catalogue of over 3,000 high specification products that help customers create productive, risk managed, hygienic work environments

Customers enjoy a unique combination of leading-edge hygienic design, expert service and high-quality manufacture, with reliable on-time dispatch.

Customised and bespoke options are available, manufactured to exacting standards in either 304 or 316 Grade stainless steel to suit the most exacting of requirements and specifications.

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Triple Air Technology LinkedIn

Established in 2009 and ISO:9001 2015 certified, Triple Air Technology Ltd provide an extensive range of high quality filtration and complementary products for critical areas in the Pharmaceutical, Laboratory, Micro-Electronics, Life Sciences and Health Sectors. Our mission is to deliver high quality Air Filtration systems where quality is a prerequisite.

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Wickham Micro LinkedIn

Wickham Laboratories Ltd is a contract testing laboratory that supports the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Located in Hampshire, England, it was founded in 1962 and remains an independent company.

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XCAM LinkedIn

XCAM specialises in providing innovative solutions for challenging imaging applications. The PFO 1040 particulate fall-out monitor, developed for the European Space Agency, offers real-time particulate contamination tracking down to the five-micron level. This novel, digital solution provides state-of-the-art particle fall-out monitoring to compliment or replace your existing monitoring processes. PFO 1040 real-time tracking empowers cleanroom managers with the data to help them improve manufacturing processes and production yields.

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