Containment/Biosafety Cabinet Testing

Tim Triggs

TOPIC: Testing

Cleanroom performance testing and GMP Annex 1

Chris Wang

TOPIC: Testing

Considering Cleaning and Disinfection in our Contamination Control Strategies

Helen Gates

TOPIC: Cleaning

Pharma’s Net-Zero Promises: Unlocking Energy Efficiency & Improving Compliance Through Dynamic Cleanroom Control

Keith Beattie

TOPIC: Energy efficiency & Sustainability

Data Management Considerations for Environmental Monitoring Program

Vivien Santillan

TOPIC: Monitoring

Disinfection selection considerations: Pharmaceuticals to Semiconductor applications

James Tucker

TOPIC: Disinfectants

A roadmap to developing an effective bioburden control process in pass through decon and aseptic processing area

Richard Chai

TOPIC: Sterilisation

Risk Assessment of Environment Monitoring inside of an Isolator

Andrea Wu

TOPIC: Risk Assessment

Design, construction and start up of cleanrooms (new ISO14644-4)

Stephen Ward

TOPIC: Design & construction

Annex 1 – A “Call to Action” to adopt new technology and mitigate risks in support of Pharma 4.0

Conor Murray

TOPIC: Technology

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