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Building Better Healthcare brings together top-level decision-makers in the NHS, private healthcare sectors as well as Architects, Contractors and Specifiers across the UK.

By utilising Building Better Healthcare’s networking opportunities through online, videos or events, you can increase business credibility and boost your positioning within the market.

Online Networking

Virtual networking events offered by Building Better Healthcare, bring together professionals who are consistently raising the bar across the healthcare industry sector.

Video Networking

‘In conversation with Building Better Healthcare‘ is a series of exclusive video interviews with leading companies in the health and social care industries, conducted by our team of B2B journalists.

Building Better Healthcare is offering the unique opportunity for architects, contractors, IT professionals and Healthcare Consultants to share their knowledge of the design, build and management of health and social care, including estates and facilities, architecture and patient experience.

Videos will be hosted on the HPCi Media YouTube channel, buildingbetterhealthcare.com and shared across our social media.

Event Networking

The Building Better Healthcare Awards and Exhibition welcomes the opportunity to meet fellow professionals. The event offers the chance to build relationships, meet key industry contacts, share experiences, provide solutions and celebrate success.

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Meet the Building Better Healthcare community, contact us today:

Ali Badr at alib@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 6654

Damien Ward at damienw@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 1641