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Lead Generation

Building Better Healthcare offers a range of digital and live products which provide guaranteed leads and new sales opportunities.

Generate leads with webinars, e-marketing and exhibitions.

Throughout each campaign Building Better Healthcare will work closely with you to ensure that we are capturing the right leads for you.


A webinar is an engaging 1 hour (live or prerecorded) online event where a speaker from your business (or small group of speakers) delivers a thought leadership led presentation to a captivated audience of health and social care professionals.

Qualified and GDPR compliant lead generation and vital statics, enabling your business to have a thorough and considered follow up. Building Better Healthcare supports and project manages the entire process from start to finish, which takes 4-6 weeks ensuring a successful campaign.

Pre-webinar: Building Better Healthcare extensively promotes and markets your webinar via digital, print and social media promotions, maximising registration sign ups.

During the webinar: The webinar lasts for 1 hour, which includes a 15 minute live Q&A with your prospects. The presentation itself can be co-presented with a Building Better Healthcare editorial member of staff.

Post-webinar: You will receive the details of the registrants, included in a comprehensive report highlighting engagement, from statics to questions asked. The webinar will then be on-demand for 12 months and hosted on Building Better Healthcare.


Building Better Healthcare offers guaranteed lead generation with email marketing campaigns and press releases.

Each product will allow you to generate sales leads and drive traffic direct to a GDPR compliant data capture form created by us.


Generate leads by exhibiting at Building Better Healthcare Awards and Exhibition. The exhibition will place you directly in front of Building Better Healthcare’s readers, advertisers and award nominees.

Meet and connect with new prospective customers, learn about industry developments and close deals on the exhibition floor.

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For a bespoke solution, contact the BBH team today:

Ali Badr at alib@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 6654

Damien Ward at damienw@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 1641