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Brand Building
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Brand Building

Branding is critical to your company. You can be seen as an industry leader with enhanced credibility through association with Building Better Healthcare (BBH).

Frequent exposure through the BBH channels will distinguish yourself from your competitors and clarify that your offering is the better choice.

Brand building with Building Better Healthcare includes print, digital and live opportunities.

Display Adverts

Display adverts have the potential to increase your marketing ROI, as their format demands attention, they increase brand awareness and visibility, and target relevant audiences with retargeting campaigns.

Creating optimised display ads is crucial for your display advertising campaign success.

Banner Adverts

Buildingbetterhealthcare.com acquires over 168,000 visitors a year. A banner advertisement will direct visitors directly to a URL of your choice.

Hosting banners designed to reach your ideal target audience with a guaranteed number of impressions at a fixed rate means that your banner will stay live until it reaches that number.

Each banner is tagged with a specific set of keywords to make each impression really count.

Attending Events

The Building Better Healthcare Awards and Exhibition offers unique branding opportunities including category sponsorship, exclusive exhibitor area, live networking and brand recognition.

Contact us

Build your brand with Building Better Healthcare:

Ali Badr at alib@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 6654

Damien Ward at damienw@hpcimedia.com or +44 (0) 207 193 1641