Beauty Reimagined by Univar Solutions

Beauty Reimagined by Univar Solutions


This is not your average Summit! Don’t miss this half day of panels, interviews, REAL discussions and live informal networking opportunities with brands from across Europe as well as Cosmetic Business and Pure Beauty editors! Join us for a show stopping afternoon of interactive candid discussion on the topics that are driving the NPD, social discussion and disruption moving the beauty industry forward. Our theme, Beauty Reimagined, reflects on the problematic subjects we often shy away from.

Wednesday June 8th, 2022 – 12:00 noon

Cocktails and Networking 6pm – 8pm


What’s next? Empowering the industry to embrace sustainability head on
What is the role of Beauty in preserving the planet? What are consumers’ expectations from legacy and indie brands? How can we change the narrative for a non-essential product to a life changing impact that will ultimately benefit the planet and its people. How can upcycled and regenerative beauty feed a linear system to turn it into a circular one. What if beauty was life bringing.


Post pandemic beauty Retail vs Online decoding consumer strategy
Have the last two years changed the way we shop? From startup disruptors, to the Metaverse and social selling, how the online and brick-and-mortar are migrating into each other to offer an augmented shopping experience.


Influencing up-close – Fireside Chat
How can influencer marketing push the boundaries for genuine inclusivity and transparent dialogue with consumers to metamorphose the status quo. Will regulations push for more transparency, or will authentic online personalities push away opportunistics behaviours. Are influencers here to educate consumers and take the lead from brands when the message is not quite getting through. What is the future of collaboration and paid partnerships?

Our Speakers

The inspiring roster of industry thought-leaders currently includes:

Helga Hertsig-Lavocah
Hint Futurology
IG: @hintfuturology

Sourabh Sharma
Fig or Out
IG: @sssourabh

Eva Lagarde

Lara Eurdolian
Pretty Connected
IG: @prettyconnected

Dominika Minarovic
IG: @bybibeauty

Andrew McDougall
IG: @mintelnews

Mark Curry
The INKEY List
IG: @theinkeylist

Kailey Bradt
IG: @susteauofficial

Our Moderators

Sarah Parsons
Pure Beauty
IG: @purebeautymagazine

Julia Wray
Cosmetics Business
IG: @cosmeticsbusiness

NB Spaces are limited so please register early. Tickets will be issued on a first come first served basis. You must be over 18 years of age to attend.